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"Hi Jesse, Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the detail!! My car looks great =)"
-Maribel Uriarte, Buena Park, CA
"You did a great job with my car.  You put a lot of time and heart into your
labor.  Almost like if it was your own car.  I would count on you working on my
car anytime…. Thanks buddy!!!"  
-Air Thavone, Orange County, CA
"Jesse, was very professional in every way and finished the car in the
time allotted.  The car was like brand new when he finished with it.  I
would recommend him to all of my friends and family again.  His prices are
great and his professionalism is bar none."         
-Meng Inthavong, Garden Grove, CA
"Dear Shinetech, My experience with your service was exceptional. Not
only was my very hard working technician polite and prompt, but I was
pleasantly surprised with much better-than-expected results. The car is
simply beautiful. Thank you so much"                                                                  
-Jeri Speirs, Costa Mesa, CA
HI jesse, I can't thank you enough for the Awesome detail job you did on My
TL..I seriously can't
believe how you took all those ugly scratches off,especially underneath my
door handle.I thought
i was gonna have to get it repainted....My car feels so SMOOTH!!,The shine is
incredible... Best detail Job i have ever had..I am Definitely gonna make you
my personal Car
detailer...see u soon..
-Eri Espinoza, Eagle Rock, CA
I wanted to thank you for the exceptional service you provided. The scratches
to my car are
completely gone and my car looks like new! Thank you for your attention to
-Karina Espinoza, Orange County, CA
Wow!!!straight out of a Honda catalog!!! dad was really happy with your
work,,,he said he had never seen it soooo clean and shiny,,,well keep me
posted for the mdx,,whenever you have a free day =)..see u soon!!

-Eri Espinoza, Eagle Rock, CA
Hello Jesse,

I wanted to thank you for your excellent work on my customers 2003 Yukon,
being that black is a very difficult color to maintain I know being a car painter it
is one of the hardest colors to detail if you don't know your products and tools of
the trade.  With my 29 years experience in the autobody and paint field I know
when even I don't want to handle certain detail jobs so thanks to you, from now
on every detail that I can sell I know who to call

-Steve Tolentino, Santa Monica, CA

I am even more impressed now, that I saw the before & after. I mean I knew my
car was dirty, BUT OMG!!! Embarrassing dirty!!! You have exceeded my
expectations and have proven yourself to be the best detailer I know. I will
without a doubt recommend you to all my friends and family. Thanks for
leaving some cards in my car and for working so hard on my beat up old car.
2004 by the way. I've had it since June of 2003 and it feels like a 2009!!! I am so
freakin happy, I keep telling all my friends to come out to the parking lot with
me so they can see it. I'm so proud! YAY!!!                
-Loren SEPULVEDA, Whittier, CA
"Thank you very much. I didn't think the scratches & swirls would come off
and now you can't see them anymore. You actually saved me money now
that I don't need to get my car repainted. Great job."    
-Rudy, Alhambra, CA
"Jesse did an awesome job, and is a very professional guy to work with. After
meeting him once, I felt comfortable enough to leave my pride and joy in his
care and I do not regret it one bit! He was able to bring the shine out on my
black paint and did an excellent job polishing my headlights. I am 100%
satisfied with how my car turned out and I will definitely be setting up an
appointment with him for my other car."         
-Chris Lum, Garden Grove, CA
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